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Working with the Neighborhood Specialist

Over the years I have received a lot of advice from my Dad. He is pretty good at giving it whether you want it or not. But I must admit, whether it is about my family, my life, or my career he was right on about 99% of the time.

I remember when I moved to Irving Las Colinas and was looking to buy my first house. My Dad, who has been involved in Real Estate for over 45 years, told me how to find a good buy.

He told me to drive around the area I wanted to live in and find the Realtor who had the most listings. I assumed that any Realtor would be able to help me find a home. However he explained to me something that I have applied to my own Real Estate career. The Real Estate agent who has the most listings are, “the neighborhood specialists”.

These are the Realtors who know the area, know the prices of homes just by driving by a house, and can tell you pertinent information about each home that is listed. By finding these agents you are getting to work with the most informed Realtor in the area.

Finally, the greatest benefit of using the “neighborhood specialist” is that these Realtors usually have knowledge of properties that have not been put on the market yet. You are getting the first shot at a property, without having to compete with other buyers. If you are working with the “neighborhood specialist” chances are, you are privy to deals before others have chance to see them.

There are a lot of Realtors who claim to be the “neighborhood specialist” but it is pretty easy to find out for yourself. A little research, and a little time driving the area will prove who the true specialist is. Find this person and it will be worth your while.