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Hit the Links in Las Colinas

Living in the Irving Las Colinas area we have a virtual cornicopia of activities to take part in and if Golfing is one of your favorites…

Not that I am much of a golfer, but I do appreciate the fact that the Irving Las Colinas area boasts a plethora of golf courses. You can come to play or come to stay, as many of these courses are home to residential subdivisions. These have lots with homes on the course or not, depending on your tolerance of my tee shot smashing through your living room window.

There are 28 golf courses located within 10 miles of Irving, you can view these on They range from private country clubs to municipal courses to independently owned ones. Most are able to be played just by calling them up and reserving a tee time, others you might need some friends in high places.

Some of the more notable ones are the 4 championship courses located in Las Colinas. One of which is the TPC course where the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is played every year by the PGA players.

TPC Las Colinas Course

Cottonwood Valley Course

Hackberry Creek Country Club

Las Colinas Country Club