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Where to Eat in Irving / Las Colinas?

Not that I should be going out to eat a lot, but on the occasions that I do,

I have compiled a list of my favorite haunts. This list is by no means definitive and if you have a suggestion please let ...

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Short Sales in a Foreclosing Market

Even though the Irving Las Colinas real estate market is heating up, some homeowners still find themselves upside down and are trying to avoid losing the property by short selling their home.

Short sales are a sale where the homeowner asks th...

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The Best Time to Sell Your Home.

One of the most asked question I get regarding the Irving Real Estate market is "When is the best time to put my home on the market?"

Spring? Summer? Fall?  People often try to time the market as to when they should put their home up for sale...

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What home can you REALLY afford?

Many people looking for homes in the Irving Las Colinas area have mistakenly taken the number they were given by their lender for the amount they were pre-approved for and used it as the number for the price of home they believe they can afford...

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A Few Tips for Buying the Right Home

Whether you’re looking to purchase a home for yourself or as an investment property in Dallas and the surrounding areas, there are many things to consider prior to closing on a deal. Schools, neighborhoods, crime rate, neighbors and access to...

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Rohter & Company Real Estate Brokerage

The Irving Las Colinas
Real Estate Brokerage Firm,
Rohter & Company.

Incredible web presence to assist you in the sale or purchase of your home.

Born in Chicago, Reev Rohter and his family moved to Santa Barbara, California wh...

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What is My Home Worth?

What is your home worth? Irving Las Colinas - A Service from Rohter & Company Posted by Rohter & Company in IRVING , TX


Description Find out your homes approximate current market value.  Answer a few simple questions an...

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Does it Pay to Remodel?

I just wanted to share some information that comes out every year.... They do a yearly Cost vs Value report which give the cost and return of remodeling projects that you may want to do around your home.

It is broken down into regional average...

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