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Hit the Links in Las Colinas

Living in the Irving Las Colinas area we have a virtual cornicopia of activities to take part in and if Golfing is one of your favorites...

Not that I am much of a golfer, but I do appreciate the fac...

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Open Houses…Worth it?

Some of my clients have asked me to hold an open house for them or if I even do those. The aswer is yes, I do and yes, I will...However,

In the past open houses have brought many tire kickers as well as serious buyers. However the internet age...

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Manipulating the Market

Today I was curious to see how many homes there were "Active" on the market in the Irving, Las Colinas area. Meaning these where not under contract yet. I was pleasantly surprised to find only 285.

Everyone talks about a market downturn, or a ...

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Working with the Neighborhood Specialist

Over the years I have received a lot of advice from my Dad. He is pretty good at giving it whether you want it or not. But I must admit, whether it is about my family, my life, or my career he was right on about 99% of the time.

I remember whe...

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To Buy, or Not To Buy Foreclosures

Right now there are a few bank owned properties in Irving the Las Colinas area. The question I get asked quite often is "Can you find me a great deal on a foreclosure?". The answer is a bit complicated. If the bank is ready to sell the proper...

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Hidden Deals That Will “Motivate You”

Imagine if you will an Irving/Las Colinas homeowner that has been living in his home paying off his mortgage for 10 plus years. His home was purchased for $100,000 and his loan was originally $90,000. (he put down 10%) His current principle bal...

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Foreclosure Facts

Once again the question was brought up to me regarding buying foreclosed property in the Irving Las Colinas area. I wrote about purchasing these foreclosures and what to look for in an article titled, To Buy, Or Not To Buy (a Foreclosure).

I ...

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My Most Frequently asked Real Estate Questions

I looked over my previous articles and I noticed that I keep saying “I always get asked that question” or “the most common question I get asked is…”

Due to my 15 year experience with Real Estate in the Irving Las Colinas area I wante...

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Secrets of the MLS Revealed

This Post may or may not be relevent for homes outside of the DFW Metroplex as well as the Irving Las Colinas Real Estate Market, however due to the popularity of Zillow and Trulia I doubt it.

Many people including my clients call me up and sa...

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Where to Eat in Irving / Las Colinas?

Not that I should be going out to eat a lot, but on the occasions that I do,

I have compiled a list of my favorite haunts. This list is by no means definitive and if you have a suggestion please let me know. For the most part I like to stay aw...

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