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The Best Time to Sell Your Home.

One of the most asked question I get regarding the Irving Real Estate market is “When is the best time to put my home on the market?”

Spring? Summer? Fall?  People often try to time the market as to when they should put their home up for sale.   I can say, that after many years in the business, the Irving Las Colinas Real Estate market does not have much of a lull at any time during the year.

Springtime is great because people want out before summer.

Summer?…  Well, people want to get set in their new home before school starts.

Fall?…Many have told me they want to be in their new home for the holidays.

Winter?…If it is the first of the year people are ready to move because of expectations of the new year and the holidays are over so time has been freed up for other projects.

This cycle seems to repeat itself year after year with rare exceptions;

During the middle of summer when the mercury rises high in Irving some people have the bunker mentality and close the blinds not to return until the heats lets up.

The other brief lull is from Thanksgiving to Christmas, many of us are extremely busy with the holidays.  Yet I can say that I have had some of my best months as far as production is concerned in November and December.

So if the concern or question is “When should we put our home for sale?”  the answer, at least in Irving Las Colinas is… pretty much anytime.